Why worry about going to the front desk to print your various document! You can rent a wireless printer/scanner/Fax. We will deliver and pick up when your company is finish.


This truck is available and can go anywhere the production has to go.  Whether it is on pavement or off road this 4×4 can take the equipment (camera grip art department etc) safely so there are no excuse why you can’t get the shot.

Mini Van

This mini van is ideal for the camera department.  You can roll the camera cart in and out saving time on breaking down and set up.  This mini van cuts down on time which saves money!

 Golf cart


At Second Nature we can find the unusual equipment that will assist in production.  Whether you need the ez cart to move equipment, as a dolly or moving people it is available.

 Wrangler jeep

This 4×4 jeep gets the production team where it wants to go in comfort.  4×4 is always a good back up on an island.


This is a perfect run around vehicle for production staff or craft service Vehicle.

The following equipment is also available:

  •  3 – sony Hrx NX5U
  • 4 input HD switcher (lumantek)
  • 4 Channel audio Mixer (Behringer)
  • 3 wireless mics
  • 4 Camera setup:
  • 4 cameras
  • 4 Input switcher
  • audio mixer 4 / 6 channel
  • wireless mics
  • wireless headset for camera communications
  • video recorder
  • encoder for internet streaming
  • necessary cables  for video, audio and power.